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Last edit: Apr 17, 2020

Arrays are used to store multiple values for the same property.


You can use arrays by adding a property with type set to array, for example:

- name: hobbies
  type: array

Sending arrays to server

Consider a page app/views/pages/hobbies-test.liquid with the following content:

my hobbies: {{ context.params.hobbies }}

If you navigate to /hobbies-test?hobbies=music&hobbies=travelling you will see only the last element - travelling. To send an array of values, you need to add [] to the input name. Hence /hobbies-test?hobbies[]=music&hobbies[]=travelling displays the expected result: ["music","travelling"]


If you use Forms, you do not need to remember to add [] to the input name - we automatically detect if the property is defined as an array and it is already part of fields.properties.<property>.name

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