Continuous Integration with GitHub Actions

Last edit: Oct 26, 2022

This article describes how to set up the pOS Marketplace Template for continuous integration using GitHub actions.

To enable GitHub actions, set your CI Instance variables.

Variables for authenticity validation:


CI Instances where you want to deploy, run tests, and if the tests pass, this will trigger deploy to the live Instance:


To set these variables, go to your repository settings, then enter the 'Secrets' section from the left-side navigation menu.

Add 'repository secret' by clicking the 'New repository secret' button.

In the name field, type the name of the variable, for example:

Value: https://your-qa-instance.example.com/

How does this workflow work?

pull_requests will be triggered when someone in your repository performs a pull request. This will deploy your code to the MPKIT_URL_PR Instance, and tests will be executed.

Push_master will be triggered after merge to master. This will deploy your code to the MPKIT_URL_QA Instance, tests will be executed. If tests pass, this will trigger deploy to the live Instance.

Set workflow

All workflow files can be found in the .github/workflows directory. For complete installation instructions visit Quickstart for GitHub Actions.


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