JSON Documents

Last edit: Dec 11, 2023

What is a JSON Document?

When it comes to managing data in your application, understanding the concept of a document is crucial. Similar to the way a table organizes various records, a document is a fundamental unit in data storage and retrieval systems. Let's delve into what a document entails and how it relates to the overall structure of your application's data.

A document in data management serves a similar purpose to that of a record in a table. Think of it as a container that holds specific information, much like how a book record might contain details about its title and author. In the context of data management systems like Elasticsearch, a document is essentially a JSON object that stores information within an index.

JSON Documents use cases

JSON Documents shine when you would like to build highly performant and powerful search:

  • Advanced geolocation search (for example find results within X km radius)
  • Advanced keyword search using scoring (for example, when searching for a keyword)


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