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Last edit: Aug 09, 2023


This section of our documentation is a work in progress but just like before, we want to share and collaborate with you on all parts of the platformOS Kits, including this documentation. If you have any questions or feedback, please reach out to us through our Contact page, or open an issue in our GitHub repository.

In August 2022, in collaboration with our community, we started working on a standardized framework and ecosystem that provides unified, optimized and flexible best practices and resources to help you build on platformOS. As we were executing on this initiative (codenamed Golden Platform), it organically crystalized into a system of premade starter kits you can use out of the box to fast track scalable real-world applications for certain project types, or combine different elements and then customize them to build any application your customer needs.

The Golden Platform initiative

The Golden Path foretold the fluid events of the future, both great and small. More profoundly, however, it revealed an optimum path through the countless threads of cause and effect that were encountered by the human race.

as understood in Frank Herbert’s fictional Dune universe

After we took all the feedback from new developers and web agency owners, reviewed our developer onboarding and documentation, and conducted comprehensive user research, we realized our community needed more end-to-end guidance and best practices excellence in helping new developers onboard. We wanted to give business owners and agencies a product that they can go to market with much quicker than having to build everything from scratch.

Flexibility has been one of the core tenets of platformOS, and we wanted to preserve that. The Golden Platform was planned to be an entire ecosystem that includes:

  • platformOS community
  • platformOS Core (the engine that runs all the devops, scaling, security, rendering and integrations)
  • platformOS Modules (for example, eCommerce Marketplace, Roles & Permissions, Activity Feeds)
  • Developer documentation, both written and video how to’s
  • Developer tools, like the pOS-cli, GraphiQL GUI, Live Site Sync, etc.
  • DevOps and Cloud Service Providers
  • UX research best practices
  • Figma templates
  • Design System
  • Mobile Wrapper

platformOS Kits

As we were working on the Golden Platform initiative, it evolved into a system of premade starter kits.

Below is an outline of each of the kits we’re working on:

  • DevKit: Combine platformOS modules freely to build any type of application. Work as you have always, or leverage the Mac/Linux/PC command line interface tool pos-cli. Spin up Staging, UAT and Production server instances and follow CI/CD best practice. Our RunTime engine will leverage built-in Domain Specific Languages; GraphQL and Liquid Markup and we provide examples for popular frontend frameworks like REACT, Angular, Svelte, Vue, and more.

  • CodeKit: Increase your profits by substantially reducing time to build scalable platform ecosystems. An extensive portfolio of modular code will provide performant Minimal Viable Products for eCommerce Marketplaces, sophisticated Service Marketplaces and Community Portals. And create your own SaaS and mobile apps without limits.

  • DevOpsKit: If you're sick of the massive cost and time to build, manage, and maintain core infrastructure, platformOS handles this all for you seamlessly. We support AWS, GCP or OCI - with multi-tenanted and dedicated server environments. Leverage clustered REDIS, ElasticSearch and Postgres environments without you needing to worry about any DevOps tasks, saving you thousands per month in DevOps engineering costs.

  • UXKit: Years of expert best practice in user experience research and design is provided to partners of platformOS via extensive documented processes for each project state. This includes practical guidelines and templates to streamline the key research processes: exploratory, generative, and evaluative. Our Figma templates will help you quickly and easily summarize your research results, the information architecture data, and to create the screens flows and interaction design.

  • DesignKit: As a partner you have access to free design resources and an advanced Design System including a complete set of UI components that will facilitate a fast-tracked and professional aesthetically pleasing outcome for your customers.

  • DocsKit: Deploy a best practice and fully customizable documentation site quickly! Inspired by our multi-award winning documentation site, our documentation package will provide everything you need to build best practice documentation sites for your projects: a docs as code documentation module leveraging platformOS, a git workflow, and a static site generator, configurable color schemes, editorial workflow, templates for different content types, and comprehensive how-to documentation for using the DocsKit.

  • CommunityKit: Build a community site on platformOS with our out of the box solution that provides user management, posts, activity feeds, groups, events, and more.

  • MobileKit: Provided out of the box, as a ‘companion app’ to the mobile responsive code modules, is our hybrid mobile app wrapper - built in Flutter 3. We have automated deployment scripts for publishing to Google Play and Apple App Store — build your clients mobile apps faster and more profitably.


We are always happy to help with any questions you may have.

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