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Adding DNS records to a DNS Zone

Last edit: Dec 03, 2020

This guide will help you add DNS Records to your DNS Zone hosted as DNS Zone.


To be able to add DNS records you have to first create and configure the Domain as a DNS Zone.


We are continuously improving the UX of this functionality, trying to make it as user-friendly as possible. Some changes may apply.


Step 1: Add new record

Once your domain has been properly configured, the domain View page will display all DNS records created in the Zone.
If you want to add a new record, click on the Add additional record button.

Step 2: Fill in the form

  • Type name of the record. It should be just a name without the root domain. Leave the field empty if you want a name as the root domain.
  • Select DNS record type. On right side of the form, the help section should update and provide additional information about the selected type. Follow the instructions.
  • Set TTL (value in seconds). TTL (Time to Live) is a setting for each DNS record that specifies how long a resolver is supposed to cache (or remember) the DNS query before the query expires and a new one needs to be done. For records that rarely change, such as TXT or MX records, it’s best to keep those somewhere between an hour (3600) and a day (86400).
  • Add a value for your record. Refer to the help for possible requirements on formatting.

You can add many records at once.


When the process has finished, click on the Commit DNS changes button. It will take a few minutes to apply changes to the DNS system. Although DNS propagation might take a bit longer.

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