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Deleting an SSL Certificate

Last edit: Jan 29, 2021


You are viewing documentation for the legacy version of the Domain configuration functions. Documentation for the current version is available here: Setting Up Domains, DNS, and SSL Certificates

This guide will help you delete a previously requested SSL Certificate in case you want to change it or if the request process has timed out.


To follow the steps in this tutorial, you have to have access to the Partner Portal, and you should have a previously requested SSL Certificate (or started requesting the certificate but the process has timed out).


Deleting an SSL Certificate is a two-step process:

Step 1: Locate SSL Certificate

Find the Instance connected to the domain which SSL Certificate you would like to delete.

On the Instance page, click on Legacy Domains. Locate the domain, and click on details.

Step 2: Delete SSL Certificate

Click on Certificate details, and under Actions, click on Delete.
When asked if you're sure, click OK to confirm the deletion. The SSL Certificates page of the domain is displayed, and the SSL Certificate has been removed.

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