Configuring www as the Default Domain

Last edit: Jan 29, 2021


You are viewing documentation for the legacy version of the Domain configuration functions. Documentation for the current version is available here: Setting Up Domains, DNS, and SSL Certificates

This guide will help you set up the www version of your domain (www.example.com instead of example.com) as the default domain.


To set up the www version of your domain as the default domain, you have to have access to the Partner Portal, and a production domain set up.


Setting up the www version of your domain as the default domain is a three-step process:

Step 1: Verify wildcard SSL certificate

To ensure that you have a wildcard SSL certificate applied to your domain, log in to the Partner Portal. In the menu on the left, click on Instances, and select the Instance you'd like to work with.

On the selected Instance's page, click on Legacy Domains. The list of domains associated with this Instance is displayed. In the row of the domain you'd like to set as www, click on Details. Click on Certificate details, and verify that the SSL certificate is valid for the following versions of your domain:

Step 2: Add Hosted Zone for www

On the domain's page, click on Configure Hosted Zone. A list of Hosted Zone records associated with the domain is displayed.

Click on Add record and fill in the form:

  • Type: Select CNAME.
  • Name: Add www at the start.
  • TTL (Seconds): 3600
  • Value: Enter your root domain. (E.g. example.com)

Click on Create Hosted zone record. The www.example.com record has been added to the list.

Step 3: Add www.example.com domain

On the Instance's page, go to Legacy Domains, click on Add new domain, and fill on the form:

Refresh the page. The www.example.com domain in the list is set up as the default domain.

Next steps

Congratulations! You have set up the www version of your domain as the default domain. Now you can learn more about deploying and syncing changes.

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