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Resetting a Token

Last edit: Aug 27, 2021

Sometimes tokens get leaked by accidental copy & paste into Slack, or by commiting the .pos file into version control. We have taken steps to minimize the impact of leaked tokens through the following:

  1. Tokens are per-instance, per-user. Meaning if you leak your token for one environment, whoever finds it will only be able to impact this one environment.
  2. Tokens can be quickly deleted/turned off on an environment basis in the Partner Portal.

How to delete my token

  1. Go to your account settings in Partner Portal at https://partners.platformos.com/me/
  2. Click the "Tokens" button
  3. Find your Instance name on the list of all your tokens
  4. Click the "Delete" button associated with the Instance

How to generate a new token

To generate a new token, you need to add the environment again in the same way as you did for the first time:

pos-cli env add --email <your email> --url <url> <enviornment>

If you name your environment the same as before, it will be overwritten with the new token.

Read more about using the pos-cli.

Legacy tokens

Before August 19, 2020 tokens were global, so resetting your token will turn off this token for all your environments. After August 19, 2020 environments added using pos-cli are scoped to only this one environment, so it is enough to delete the token for that one environment and re-add it.

How to know if my token is current or legacy?

  • Currently tokens consist of lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers, underscore (_), dashes (-) and are 43 characters long.
  • Legacy tokens contain only lowercase letters and numbers and are 40 characters long.

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