Last edit: Oct 26, 2022

Redirects are used to redirect one page to another using an HTTP status code.


Redirecting /my-page to /other-page using the 302 status:

redirect_to: /other-page
redirect_code: 302

Example 2

Usage params from GET request inside the redirect_to option to make SEO friendly redirects from one URL pattern to another.

Redirecting /cars?maker=honda to /category/cars/honda using the 301 status:

redirect_to: '/category/cars/{{ context.params.maker }}'
redirect_code: 301


Name Description
slug defines the URL at which this page will be accessible. In this example, assuming your site's domain is https://example.com, you will be able to access the page at https://example.com/my-page
redirect_to endpoint which you want the user to be redirected to
redirect_code specifies the status of redirection. Can be either 301 (Moved Permanently) or 302 (Found)

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