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Date Format

Last edit: Feb 28, 2020

Date Format

To render date/time in a given format consistently accross the application use the localize (l) filter.

  {{ user.created_at | localize: 'short' }} => 11:45

In order to customize predefined formats you can overwrite them in the translation file (e.g. app/translations/en.yml).

For example, use the format short defined with short: '%-H:%M' and format time to 11:45. The %H and %M are format directives. They are standard date formatting for UNIX. You can see available directives for time and date here.

Here are default values for the en localization, you can set different formats for time and date.

      short: '%-H:%M'
      long: '%a, %m/%d/%Y %H:%M'
      with_time_zone: '%m/%d/%Y %H:%M (%Z)'
      short_with_time_zone: '%-H:%M (%Z)'
      day_and_month: '%b %d'
      day_month_year: '%d-%m-%Y'
      jan: Jan
      feb: Feb
      mar: Mar
      apr: Apr
      may: May
      jun: Jun
      jul: Jul
      aug: Aug
      sep: Sep
      oct: Oct
      nov: Nov
      dec: Dec
      jan: January
      feb: February
      mar: March
      apr: April
      may: May
      jun: June
      jul: July
      aug: August
      sep: September
      oct: October
      nov: November
      dec: December
      sun: Sun
      mon: Mon
      tue: Tue
      wed: Wed
      thu: Thu
      fri: Fri
      sat: Sat
      sun: Sunday
      mon: Monday
      tue: Tuesday
      wed: Wednesday
      thu: Thursday
      fri: Friday
      sat: Saturday
    yesterday: Yesterday
      long: '%B %d, %Y'
      short: '%m/%d/%Y'
      day_and_month: '%b %d'
      day_month_year: '%d-%m-%Y'
      stripe: '%m-%d-%Y'

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