Searching JSON Documents

Last edit: Dec 11, 2023

Searching JSON Documents

As usual, the most important place to start is creating the right GraphQL query. Here is a practical example of how it could look like in a real project. Copy-paste the following content into app/graphql/json_documents/search.graphql:

query items(
  $limit: Int=10,
  $keyword: String,
  $categories: [String!]
  $match_type: QueryMatchTypeEnum=FUZZY
  $sort: [IndexSearchSortInput!] = []
) {
    per_page: $limit
    search_index: "docs"

    sort: $sort

    query: {
      keyword: $keyword
      match_type: $match_type
      properties: [
        { name: "title" priority: 10 }
        { name: "content" priority: 5 }
        { name: "author.name" priority: 1 }

    filter: [
      { name: "category" value_in: $categories }

    results {

The most important field is the search_index, which defines which JSON Document type you would like to query - it corresponds to the defined mapping in search_indexes.

Step 2: Create GraphQL mutation to insert JSON Document

The easiest way to insert a JSON Document into ElasticSearch (which is used behind the scenes) is to create a generic GraphQL mutation, which would accept two arguments - the payload to be insert (the actual document) and the id (which will be useful later if you would like to update or delete the document).

To achieve this, create a graphql file app/graphql/json_documents/insert.graphql:

mutation insert($payload: HashObject!, $id: ID!){
    search_index: "docs"
    id: $id,
    document: $payload

Step 3: Invoke GraphQL mutation from Liquid

To use newly created GraphQL File, you can use the following liquid:

  {% liquid
    assign doc = '{}' | parse_json
    hash_assign doc['uuid'] = 1
    hash_assign doc['title'] = 'My title'
    hash_assign doc['content'] = 'My content'
    hash_assign doc['published_at'] = 'now' | to_time
    hash_assign doc['created_at'] = 'now' | to_time
    hash_assign doc['price'] = 100
    hash_assign doc['category'] = 'Arts'

    assign author = '{}' | parse_json
    hash_assign author['uuid'] = '' | uuid
    hash_assign author['name'] = 'John Doe'
    hash_assign doc['author'] = author

    graphql g = 'json_documents/insert', payload: doc, id: doc.uuid

Working example

We've built an example simple application, which demonstrates some of the JSON Documents capabilities. You can access JSON Documents Example Application Source Code and deploy it to your own instance, or play around with it on the instance we've already prepared - https://delta.staging.oregon.platform-os.com


We are always happy to help with any questions you may have.

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