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Installing a Module

Last edit: Oct 15, 2020

This guide will help you install a module from the Module Marketplace using the Partner Portal.


This is an advanced tutorial. To follow it, you should be familiar with basic platformOS concepts, the topics in the Get Started section, and modules.


Installing a module is a two-step process:

Step 1: Buy module

Log in to the Partner Portal, and in the menu on the left, click on Modules, then select Marketplace.

A list of available modules is displayed. Choose the module you'd like to install and click on Buy. The Buy link changes to "Bought", and you can now install the module.

Step 2: Install module

In the menu on the left, click on Instances, and in the list of Instances, find the Instance you'd like to install the module on. Click on the name of the Instance.

On the bottom of the Instance page, a list of available modules is displayed. Find the module you'd like to install, and click on Install.

Wait a couple of minutes. The module is installed and deployed to your Instance. If there is a problem during installation, you will receive a notification via email.

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