FINISHED - Reorganization

Last edit: Oct 26, 2022


March 2020


As part of our yearly retrospective, we decided to reorganize topics and categories on the documentation site.


User research interviews, feedback through Slack, our feedback block on the documentation site, in Town Halls, and awards juries.


  • We renamed the Tutorials section to Developer Guide. This was in line with our plan to extend our tutorials in this section with more concept topics as requested. Our plan was to have a comprehensive Get Started section for beginners with the Hello, World! tutorial and the Build a ToDo List App series, and the Developer Guide for everyone working with platformOS from users who have just finished the Get Started guides to experienced platformOS developers.
  • We removed the How platformOS Works section and moved the topics it previously included into the Development category of our Developer Guide.
  • We reorganized the main menu, which now includes Get Started, Developer Guide, API Reference, Best Practices, Use Cases.
  • We reorganized the home page cards and other content to reflect the new structure and highlight the Release Notes and the Community section, and we reorganized the footer.
  • We reorganized the Best Practices section to better group topics by categories.
  • We also refactored some topics like the About platformOS topic which now became a category and includes What is platformOS and our security and disaster recovery articles. We also added articles in new categories, for example about GraphQL, and have implemented a new, better auto-generated GraphQL API Reference.

We presented the changes to our community in this Town Hall: Town Hall #83 - Documentation Site UX/UI Update.


We are always happy to help with any questions you may have.

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