FINISHED Partner Portal Site Feedback

Last edit: May 03, 2023


November - December 2018


Our goal was to review user interactions and diagnose issues and the main blockers in the Partner Portal.


Hotjar is a feedback and analytics tool. It tells you what users did and how they interacted with the site.

  • How users interact with site elements
  • Where users are going first
  • Where they are facing issues


Based on user interviews we already had sections in mind that we wanted to further test in HotJar. Summarized results related to the following sections:

  • Navigation
    • Separate create functionality to make it always available
  • Instances
    • Users found the search on top useful
    • Users like that the Instance URL and the cheat sheet is available
    • Clear filter option should be more visible
    • Change the environment names for the deprecated ones
    • Users need more explanation about the difference between the online and the active state
    • Danger zone naming is misleading and users are afraid to click on it
    • Update instructions related to partner update
    • Domain settings need documentation with an example
    • Integrations work well
  • Modules
    • Move modules to a separate menu item
    • Module installation worked well
  • Permissions
    • Users prefer to provide permission via email


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