FINISHED - Golden Platform Module Experience Workshop

Last edit: Oct 26, 2022


July 2022


To get a clear picture of what the Golden Platform means for the platformOS team and how we can define modules, we ran an internal discovery phase. We had discussions with the stakeholders, defined the project, and based on the results, we ran a module experience workshop with the platformOS team members.
Our goal is to better understand what module features helped them to succeed with their tasks and what could have been done better.


We ran an internal workshop with the plaformOS team members. Seven participants each with different backgrounds: frontend and backend developers, a DevOps engineer, product owner, UI designer, and technical writer.
The task was to collect ideas based on previous experiences with modular architecture on post-its, for 5 minutes, individually, related to the following topics:

  • What helped them to succeed with their module related tasks?
  • What could have been better?


As a result, we created an affinity map from the post-its to see what critical topics we need to further discover with the channel partners and the external potential users.

  • Building trust is the most important factor. When you trust a solution you know that you can rely on the community, on the documentation, that it has transparent pricing and future versions will be compatible with your investment.
  • Onboarding means that the users can have a fast understanding of compatibility (browser support, mobile support, accessibility, etc.) and flexibility and it also explains the dev environment well so as to understand dependencies.
  • Community contribution is a key to building a community. Simple and intuitive contribution pathways motivate users to participate, and the contributions themselves motivate new users to start engaging.
  • Demo content (videos, sample data, examples) is a key part of the documentation to help new users understand and evaluate the system.


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