FINISHED - Community Site Planning

Last edit: Oct 26, 2022


April 2020


We are in the first stage of the Design Thinking process. We want to gain an empathetic understanding of our users’ needs for the platformOS community site through user research.


During this step we conducted semi-structured preliminary interviews focused on stories about user needs. We focused on this because the user experience is primarily influenced by the user's goals and the situation of use (context) and then any parameters of the system.


In the interviews, we wanted to understand user needs and problems to solve, and based on that the following goals emerged:

  • A Community site helps get things done.
  • A Community site connects platformOS community members.
  • A Community site shows ways to let community members express themselves and encourages them to contribute back to the community. For example, celebrate active community members, share success stories, provide loyalty rewards.
  • A Community site supports knowledge sharing related to platformOS technology.
  • A Community site helps partner companies to connect with people, to learn, and to solve problems.


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