FINISHED Naming Convention for platformOS

Last edit: Oct 26, 2022


May 2019


Create a naming convention for platformOS tools, directory structure, models, and forms.


A questionnaire with quantitative and qualitative items. 21 participants shared their thoughts and provided feedback related to problematic items with explanations and suggestions.


We wanted to find better names for two key items marketplace-kit and marketplace builder and four other items that are important in the development process and have caused confusion before.

Related to the renaming of marketplace-kit users found it important that the new name should refer to the brand, explain what it is, and make it simple and quick to type.
Results in order: 1. pos 2. pos-cli 3. Pos-kit

SELECTED: marketplace-kitpos-cli

Users imagined that the new name of the marketplace_builder should follow how other frameworks name their structure. It should also be intuitive and quick to type.
Results in order: 1. app 2. pos-instance 3. instance / pos-build
SELECTED: marketplace-builderapp

Other renamed items:

  • CustomizationModel
  • Custom Model TypesModel Schemas
  • form_configurationsforms
  • graph_queriesgraphql

Users also suggested renaming other folder elements. Read more about the results.


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