FINISHED - Golden Platform Webinar Feedback

Last edit: Sep 07, 2023


August 2022


The platformOS team hosted a webinar where we introduced what we have worked on related to the standardization process for application development (including mobile apps). We shared the development processes and plans, the UX research we conducted, and how we plan to include the community in the following steps, the component library and the next UI steps and documentation plans, the documentation module initiative, and the new onboarding plans.
After the presentation, the goal was to gather feedback from the Channel Partners to identify the most important parts in the planned processes and anything they might have missed.


We held a short workshop session during the webinar where we invited the webinar participants to share their feedback via a FigJam session. The task was to collect feedback on post-its, for 5 minutes, individually, related to the following topics:

  • What are the most important steps in the plans?
  • What do they miss from the plans?

We kept the FigJam board open for 48 hours after the webinar so the Channel Partners could choose to iterate further on their thoughts, or offer additional feedback after thinking through the whole process offline. Access to the FigJam board was also made available to other Channel Partners who watched the recording later.


As a result, we grouped the post-its into connected clusters to see the most important topics for Channel Partners.

  • The most important aspect for Channel Partners is that they wanted to be involved as soon as possible. The community likes to have visibility of what is ready and have the opportunity to offer feedback. They see the validation of the best practices and the standards of the Golden Platform initiative as a key next step.
  • Documentation with code examples is also key, to make it possible to fast track their understanding of the standards and the modular approach.
  • The community is interested in knowing more about the technical solutions offered, and, importantly, how the licensing would be handled.
  • A few Channel Partners were still to be convinced of the value of this new direction. They wondered if flexibility might be compromised and whether the standards will in fact reflect the community’s needs.


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