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type RecordsFilterInput {
  created_at: DateFilter
  deleted_at: DateFilter
  external_id: StringFilter
  fulltext: Query
  id: UniqIdFilter
  or: [RecordsFilterInput!]
  properties: [PropertyFilterInput!]
  related_records: [RelatedRecordsFilterInput!]
  related_users: [RelatedUsersFilterInput!]
  table: StringFilter
  table_id: UniqIdFilter
  updated_at: DateFilter
  user_id: UniqIdFilter


created_at (DateFilter)

deleted_at (DateFilter)

external_id (StringFilter)

fulltext (Query)

Fulltext search

id (UniqIdFilter)

or (RecordsFilterInput)

join arguments with OR operator

properties (PropertyFilterInput)

filter by related records

table (StringFilter)

Name of the Table to which records should belong

table_id (UniqIdFilter)

pOS ID of the Table to which records should belong

updated_at (DateFilter)

user_id (UniqIdFilter)


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