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type ModelsFilterInput {
  created_at: DateFilter
  deleted_at: DateFilter
  external_id: StringFilter
  id: UniqIdFilter
  model_schema_id: UniqIdFilter
  model_schema_name: StringFilter
  models: [RelatedModelsFilterInput!]
  name: StringFilter
  or: [ModelsFilterInput!]
  properties: [PropertyFilterInput!]
  related_models: [RelatedModelsFilterInput!]
  related_users: [RelatedUsersFilterInput!]
  updated_at: DateFilter
  user_id: UniqIdFilter
  users: [RelatedUsersFilterInput!]


created_at (DateFilter)

deleted_at (DateFilter)

external_id (StringFilter)

id (UniqIdFilter)

model_schema_id (UniqIdFilter)

model_schema_name (StringFilter)

models (RelatedModelsFilterInput)

deprecated, use related_models

name (StringFilter)

Deprecated, use model_schema_name

or (ModelsFilterInput)

join arguments with OR operator

properties (PropertyFilterInput)

filter by related models

updated_at (DateFilter)

user_id (UniqIdFilter)

users (RelatedUsersFilterInput)

deprecated, use related_users


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