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interface LegacyCustomAttributeInterface {
  custom_address(name: String!): CustomAddrress
  custom_addresses(name: String): [CustomAddrress!]
  custom_attachment(name: String!): PrivateFile
  custom_attachments(name: String): [PrivateFile!]
  custom_image(name: String!): Image
  custom_images(name: String): [Image!]


custom_address (CustomAddrress)

Fetch address by name; ex: address: custom_address(name: "office_address")

custom_addresses (CustomAddrress)

Fetch all addresses, optionaly you can filter results by name; ex: home: custom_addresses(name: "home")

custom_attachment (PrivateFile)

Fetch attachment by name; ex: sales_report: custom_attachment(name: "sales_report")

custom_attachments (PrivateFile)

Fetch all attachments, optionally you can filter results by name; ex:
sales_reports: custom_attachments(name: "sales_report")

custom_image (Image)

Fetch image by name; ex: header: custom_image(name: "header")

custom_images (Image)

Fetch all images, optionaly you can filter results by name; ex: cat_images: custom_images(name: "cat")


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