Last edit: Oct 26, 2022

Generic image

type Image {
  filename: String!
  id: ID
  image_original_height: Int!
  image_original_width: Int!
  name: String
  uploader_id: ID
  url(version: String): String
  urls: HashObject!


filename (String)

id (ID)

image_original_height (Int)

image original height

image_original_width (Int)

image original width

name (String)

uploader_id (ID)

id of the User who uploaded the image

url (String)

image url; ex: thumb: url(version: "thumb")

name of the image version to which url will point

urls (HashObject)

object with versions, ex. "urls": { "big": { "url":
"https://uploads.example.com/images/big_photo.jpg"}, "small": { "url":
"https://example.com/images/small_photo.jpg" } } }


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