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type PageFilterInput {
  authorization_policies: AuthorizationPoliciesFilter
  content: StringFilter
  content_updated_at: DateFilter
  created_at: DateFilter
  deleted_at: DateFilter
  format: PageFormatFilter
  id: UniqIdFilter
  layout: StringFilter
  layout_name: StringFilter
  metadata: [JsonbFilter!]
  or: [PageFilterInput!]
  physical_file_path: StringFilter
  redirect_code: IntegerFilter
  redirect_to: StringFilter
  searchable: BooleanFilter
  slug: StringFilter
  updated_at: DateFilter


authorization_policies (AuthorizationPoliciesFilter)

Filter by authorization policies, ex. authorization_policies: { value_in: ["page_protection", "check_user"] }

content (StringFilter)

Search for text in rendered page content. Page must be marked as searchable

content_updated_at (DateFilter)

created_at (DateFilter)

deleted_at (DateFilter)

format (PageFormatFilter)

Filter by format, ex. format: { value: HTML }

id (UniqIdFilter)

layout (StringFilter)

layout_name (StringFilter)

Deprecated - use layout

metadata (JsonbFilter)

Filter by metadata properties

or (PageFilterInput)

join arguments with OR operator

physical_file_path (StringFilter)

redirect_code (IntegerFilter)

redirect_to (StringFilter)

searchable (BooleanFilter)

slug (StringFilter)

Filter by slug. Enter slug without leading /, ex. slug: { exact: "client/orders" }

updated_at (DateFilter)


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