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type FormsFilterInput {
  async_callback_actions: StringFilter
  callback_actions: StringFilter
  created_at: DateFilter
  default_payload: StringFilter
  flash_notice: StringFilter
  id: UniqIdFilter
  liquid_body: StringFilter
  metadata: [JsonbFilter!]
  name: StringFilter
  or: [FormsFilterInput!]
  physical_file_path: StringFilter
  redirect_to: StringFilter
  resource: StringFilter
  resource_owner: StringFilter
  updated_at: DateFilter


async_callback_actions (StringFilter)

callback_actions (StringFilter)

created_at (DateFilter)

default_payload (StringFilter)

flash_notice (StringFilter)

id (UniqIdFilter)

liquid_body (StringFilter)

metadata (JsonbFilter)

Filter by metadata properties

name (StringFilter)

or (FormsFilterInput)

physical_file_path (StringFilter)

redirect_to (StringFilter)

resource (StringFilter)

resource_owner (StringFilter)

updated_at (DateFilter)

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