pos-cli, new graphql mutation - form_submit

Last edit:

July 15, 2019


  • pos-cli: the old marketplace-kit has been forked into a new package - pos-cli (on github). From now on marketplace-kit is in archive mode and will no longer be developed.

    Follow these steps to migrate from marketplace-kit to pos-cli:

    When using local node installation (for example installed using nvm or brew):

    npm r -g @platform-os/marketplace-kit
    npm i -g @platformos/pos-cli

    When using global node installation (use sudo if the version without it does not work):

    sudo npm r -g @platform-os/marketplace-kit
    sudo npm i -g @platformos/pos-cli

    From now on, use the pos-cli command instead of the marketplace-kit command, and remember to update your scripts if they used marketplace-kit.

  • form_submit mutation was added to GraphQL: This new mutation will trigger a form submission along with invoking authorization policies and validation. It accepts two parameters: form_name and params. This way, you will be able to easily validate any user parameters against a given form configuration and persist it if valid. Most useful for creating API endpoints which re-use existing form configurations.

  • Added the possibility to fetch related users for the models GraphQL query - Model


  • pos-cli: the gui serve will return a user friendly message if the port is already taken.
  • pos-cli: the audit command will be automatically run during deploy; its performance has been greatly improved.
  • Redesigned emails for modules in Partner Portal
  • Renamed Customization to Model and CustomModelType to Model Schema - all existing occurrences of deprecated namings were removed from examples, documentation and platform.


  • Fixed a couple of issues related to ElasticSearch type collision removal - mainly for related models
  • Removed MIT license hardcoded text in Partner Portal


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