Last edit: Jun 24, 2022

GeometryJSON is a JSON format for encoding a variety of geographic data
structures. It supports the following geometry types: Point [long, lan],
LineString [[long, lan], [long, lan]], Polygon [[[long, lan], [long, lan]]] and
MultiPoint [[long, lan], [long, lan]]. Point example: {"type": "Point",
"coordinates": [100.0, 0.0]}, Polygon exaple: {"type": "Polygon", "coordinates":
[[[100.0, 0.0], [101.0, 0.0], [101.0, 1.0], [100.0, 1.0], [100.0, 0.0]]]}. More
information: https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc7946

scalar GeometryJSON


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