Last edit: Jun 10, 2024


type Page implements AdminSharedAttributesInterface {
  authorization_policies: [AuthorizationPolicy!]
  content: String
  content_updated_at: JSONDate!
  created_at: JSONDate!
  deleted_at: JSONDate
  dynamic_cache_expire: Int
  dynamic_cache_key: String
  dynamic_cache_layout: Boolean
  format: PageFormat
  handler: PageHandler
  html_content: String
  id: ID!
  layout: String
  layout_name: String
  manually_managed: Boolean
  max_deep_level: Int
  metadata: HashObject
  physical_file_path: String
  redirect_code: Int
  redirect_to: String
  request_method: PageRequestMethod
  response_headers: HashObject
  searchable: Boolean
  slug: String!
  static_cache_expire: Int
  updated_at: JSONDate!


authorization_policies (AuthorizationPolicy)

associated authorization policies

content (String)

Content provider by the develop, can be markdown, can be html with liquid etc.

content_updated_at (JSONDate)

specfic timestamp of when the content was updated last time, useful for cache

created_at (JSONDate)

deleted_at (JSONDate)

dynamic_cache_expire (Int)

the number of seconds for which this page will be cached; set
dynamic_cache_layout accordingly to your scenario. Triggers authorization. Use
only if cache_key cannot be easily determined (for example for search results page)

dynamic_cache_key (String)

liquid which evaluates to the cache key, for example /graphqlfor page with slug "abc" will cache separately
/abc/1 and /abc/2, however abc/1/1 will return the same value as abc/1/2. If
left blank, the full url will be used.

dynamic_cache_layout (Boolean)

defines whether layout should be cached as well, or only page. Usually it is
not possible to cache layout due to dynamic data in it, like name of a logged
in user, hence default is false.

format (PageFormat)

handler (PageHandler)

html_content (String)

Evaluated html content, especially useful if content was provided as markdown

id (ID)

layout (String)

layout_name (String)

manually_managed (Boolean)

defines whether this objectwill be affected via pos-cli deploy / sync

max_deep_level (Int)

max nesting of the url to be resolved by this slug. For example slug "abc"
with max_deep_level 2 will resolve /abc, abc/1, abc/2, but will NOT resolve

metadata (HashObject)

physical_file_path (String)

defines the physical path of the file

redirect_code (Int)

redirect_to (String)

request_method (PageRequestMethod)

response_headers (HashObject)

searchable (Boolean)

slug (String)

static_cache_expire (Int)

the number of seconds for which this page will be cached as a static html
page; works only for not logged in users, skips any authorization

updated_at (JSONDate)




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