Last edit: Oct 26, 2022

An address

type ListingAddress {
  address: String
  address2: String
  apartment: String
  city: String
  country: String
  id: Int!
  iso_country_code: String
  lat: Float
  lng: Float
  name: String
  point: GeoPointType
  postcode: String
  service_radius: String
  state: String
  street: String
  street_number: String
  suburb: String


address (String)

address2 (String)

apartment (String)

city (String)

country (String)

id (Int)

iso_country_code (String)

lat (Float)

lng (Float)

name (String)

point (GeoPointType)

postcode (String)

service_radius (String)

state (String)

street (String)

street_number (String)

suburb (String)

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