Last edit: Jun 10, 2024

Liquid Layouts

type LiquidLayout implements AdminSharedAttributesInterface {
  body: String
  created_at: JSONDate!
  format: PageFormat
  id: ID!
  manually_managed: Boolean
  metadata: HashObject
  path: String!
  physical_file_path: String
  updated_at: JSONDate!


body (String)

liquid code to evaluate to valid html. To inject content of the resources using the layout use

created_at (JSONDate)

format (PageFormat)

id (ID)

manually_managed (Boolean)

defines whether this objectwill be affected via pos-cli deploy / sync

metadata (HashObject)

path (String)

Defines the the path for layout, must starts with layouts/, for example
layouts/my_layout. Please note that the layouts/ prefix must be skipped when
setting layout in Page or EmailNotification

physical_file_path (String)

defines the physical path of the file

updated_at (JSONDate)




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