Last edit: May 19, 2024

Generate presigned url where you can upload image. Include image processing.

  include_content_type: Boolean
  model_schema_name: String
  presign_url: PresignUrl
  property_name: String!
  table: String
  user: Boolean
): PropertyUploadPresignedUrl!


include_content_type (Boolean)

Set to true if you want to include a content type in the POST request to S3.
Useful in some cases where the default provided by S3 will not do, like for
example for SVG files

model_schema_name (String)

deprecated, use table

presign_url (PresignUrl)

Presign url options

property_name (String)

name of the property of type upload

table (String)

Name of the Table schema to which the property belomgs. Must be blank if property is defined directly in user.yml

user (Boolean)

Must be set to true if property is defined directly in user.yml and not in a Model Schema




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