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type UserImport {
  created_at: JSONDate
  email: String!
  encrypted_password: String
  external_id: ID
  first_name: String
  id: ID
  last_name: String
  middle_name: String
  name: String
  password: String
  profiles: [UserProfileImportType!]
  properties: HashObject
  slug: String!
  updated_at: JSONDate


created_at (JSONDate)

email (String)

encrypted_password (String)

external_id (ID)

first_name (String)

id (ID)

ID will be stored as external_id, relations will be preseved. We generate it when empty.

last_name (String)

middle_name (String)

name (String)

password (String)

profiles (UserProfileImportType)

properties (HashObject)

ex. {"color": "red"}

slug (String)

updated_at (JSONDate)


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