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type UpdateSmsNotificationInputType {
  content: String
  delay_by: String
  form_configuration_ids: [ID]
  metadata: HashObject
  name: String
  physical_file_path: String
  to: String
  trigger_condition: String


content (String)

liquid code to evaluate to valid form html. If sms is triggered via form
configuration, You have access to "form" variable, with data specified in configuration.

delay_by (String)

liquid code which should evaluate to integer. Delays invoking the job by
specified number of minutes. Useful to invoke code at certain point in time,
for example 1 hour before something etc. To calculate proper number you can
use time_diff filter.

form_configuration_ids (ID)

deprecated, use form_ids

metadata (HashObject)

name (String)

name of the sms, which is used in forms or mutation to trigger it

physical_file_path (String)

defines where the file definition will be available after pull; should start
with the module name follow by private/public scope, for example

to (String)

liquid code to evaluate to valid mobile number with country code, for example
+1 541 754 3010. Useful filter to build valid mobile number is

trigger_condition (String)

liquid code which should evaluate to true if the sms should be sent


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