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type SortOrder {
  child_field: SortByChildField
  distance: SortByDistance
  field: SortByFieldOrder
  name: String
  order: String
  profile_distance: SortByDistance
  profile_field: String
  profile_property: String
  profile_type: String
  property_name: String


child_field (SortByChildField)

distance (SortByDistance)

Sort by distance to geo point

field (SortByFieldOrder)

Sort by given field by provided values

name (String)

Sort by field

order (String)

profile_distance (SortByDistance)

Sort by distance to geo point based on custom_addresses

profile_field (String)

To sort by profile property use properties. prefix, ex. profile_field: "properties.color"

profile_property (String)

Sort by profile property`

profile_type (String)

Name of the user profile type

property_name (String)

Sort by property field


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