Last edit: Oct 26, 2022

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type PresignUrlInput {
  acl: ACL
  content_disposition: String
  content_length: ContentLengthRange
  type: UploadType
  versions: [VersionInput!]


acl (ACL)

defines whether it is a public file that anyone who knows the url can access
it, or if its private and even with the known URL it is not possible to see
the file without a signature.

content_disposition (String)

content_length (ContentLengthRange)

file size limitation in KiB. ex. [gte: 1, lte: 1024] allows file size from 1KiB to 1 MiB

type (UploadType)

versions (VersionInput)

if image is uploaded, multiple versions of it will be generated automatically


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