Last edit: Oct 26, 2022

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type NestedPropertyInputType {
  _destroy: String
  attribute_type: PropertyTypeEnum
  belongs_to: String
  default_value: String
  id: ID
  metadata: HashObject
  name: String!
  options: PropertyUploadOptionsInput


_destroy (String)

provide 1 if property you want to remove property, 0 otherwise

attribute_type (PropertyTypeEnum)

Type of the property

belongs_to (String)

Defines a relationship with other model schema or the user schema. Used during importing/exporting data.

default_value (String)

Default value for new objects

id (ID)

id of the property to update

metadata (HashObject)

name (String)

Name of the property

options (PropertyUploadOptionsInput)

Provides options for type upload - defines for exmple whether newly upload file should be public etc


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