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type JsonbAttributeFilter {
  array_contains: [String!]
  array_overlaps: [String!]
  array_value_in: [String!]
  contains: String
  key: String!
  value: Any
  value_array: [String!]
  value_boolean: Boolean
  value_float: Float
  value_in: [String!]
  value_int: Int


array_contains (String)

The target value must contain the passed array

array_overlaps (String)

The value in the target array must have at least one element in common with the passed array

array_value_in (String)

The passed array must contain the target array

contains (String)

key (String)

value (Any)

value_array (String)

The value passed must be the exact target array in that order

value_boolean (Boolean)

value_float (Float)

value_in (String)

The passed array must contain the target scalar value

value_int (Int)


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