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type CustomizationInputType {
  created_at: JSONDate
  custom_attachments: [AtachmentInputType]
  custom_images: [ImageInputType]
  custom_model_type_id: ID
  custom_model_type_name: String
  customizable_id: ID
  customizable_type: CustomizableTypeEnum
  customizations: [CustomizationsInputType]
  deleted_at: JSONDate
  external_id: ID
  id: ID
  model_schema_name: String
  models: [CustomizationsInputType]
  properties: [CustomAttributeInputType]
  title: String
  user_id: ID


created_at (JSONDate)

custom_attachments (AtachmentInputType)

custom_images (ImageInputType)

custom_model_type_id (ID)

custom_model_type_name (String)

deprecated, use model_schema_name

customizable_id (ID)

customizable_type (CustomizableTypeEnum)

customizations (CustomizationsInputType)

deleted_at (JSONDate)

external_id (ID)

id (ID)

model_schema_name (String)

models (CustomizationsInputType)

properties (CustomAttributeInputType)

title (String)

deprectated, use properties

user_id (ID)

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