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type CustomAttachmentInputType {
  custom_attribute_name: String!
  direct_url: String
  generate_file: ProcessStrategyInputType
  owner_id: ID!
  owner_type: String!
  page_slug: String
  raw_remote_file_url: String
  uploader_id: ID


custom_attribute_name (String)

attribute of type file with which the created attachment should be associated

  • must be defined in the schema of the record, for example CustomModelType for
    Customization, InstanceProfileType for UserProfile or user.yml for User

direct_url (String)

URL to image that was uploaded to s3 presigned url

generate_file (ProcessStrategyInputType)

allows you to create attachment with your own content; useful for generating reports, pdf, csv etc

owner_id (ID)

id of associated record - Model, UserProfile, User

owner_type (String)

class of associated record - Model, UserProfile, User

page_slug (String)

deprecated, ignore

raw_remote_file_url (String)

create attachment based on a file available on remote location

uploader_id (ID)

id of a user who uploads the attachment


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