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Durable storage for key-value pairs

Last edit: Mar 05, 2020

This section describes an easy way to persist key => value pairs across requests.


Currently, there is no easy way to persist key => value pairs for an Instance for later use. An example use case for such a feature can be Salesforce integration. You authorize to Salesforce by sending a time-consuming API call to get an authorization token in return. This token is valid for 2 hours since the last use. If you wanted to be able to re-use this token instead of sending an unnecessary authorization call every time you want to send an API call to Salesforce, you would need to create a Model Schema and then write GraphQL queries and mutations to manage it. It is doable, but difficult for beginners.


The solution is to create a new tag, for example {% storage 'my_key', 'my_value' %}, which would be accessible later via{{ context.storage.my_key }}. There is potential to enhance this solution later on with, for example, being able to specify the expire key.


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