Default name for admin resources, modify property type, other improvements

March 30, 2020


  • The notifications directory structure has been flattened - new directories are now app/emails, app/smses, app/api_calls. For example, instead of app/notifications/email_notifications/my_email.liquid you can now place it in app/emails/my_email.liquid.
  • Added extra algorithms to JWT token filters and allow to specify algorithm for JWT mutation.
  • Added extra validation for physical_file_path, to make sure files have proper extensions, for example, liquid for Forms, Authorization Policies and yml for Model Schemas.


  • name property will be automatically derived from physical_file_path for all admin resources like Authorization Policies, Notifications, Forms, Model Schemas etc. For example, app/authorization_policies/dir/my_policy.liquid will have the defult name dir/my_policy. For backwards compatibility, it is still possible to overwrite the default name using the name attribute.
  • Deleted objects are not returned by default for models and users queries. To fetch soft-deleted records, you can still use filter for deleted_at field.
  • When changing the type of a property, for example, from string to integer, all the data will be updated behind the scenes. In case of type casting error, a validation error message will be thrown and deploy/sync will fail, until data is manually fixed, for example, via GraphQL Mutations.
  • GraphQL engine has been upgraded.


  • Error message for layout_path / layout will not include confusing layouts/ prefix in the suggestions
  • Improved Domain name internal validation.


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