admin_page_update_all mutation, fixes and improvements

April 28, 2023


  • Unescape Javascript filter
  • admin_page_update_all mutation
  • Liquid: add hash_keys and hash_values filters
  • Slugify fixes and encoding filters
  • Sync true for partial and layout delete all
  • Liquid: add www_form_encode filter
  • Allow to delete on deploy and sync


  • Intercept open and write timeout errors
  • Always raise errors inside try


  • Liquid: add sanitize option to to_csv filter
  • Liquid: set session timeout via sign_in tag
  • Websockets: require csrf token
  • Added invisible for hcaptcha spam_protection_tag
  • Order pages by redirect_to, redirect_code
  • Preserve JSON for to_csv
  • GraphQL: records_create add table to return type
  • Filter pages by redirect code
  • GraphQL activities add sort
  • Allow include/render/function in local remote
  • Allow to specify layout as liquid
  • Make params available in auth policy for local page request and context in page


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