Hard delete, internal components update

January 27, 2020


  • Soft deleted objects will be automatically hard deleted after 30 days
  • New, improved search on Documentation site


  • Major update of internal components like PostgreSQL version, Redis to the newest available versions
  • Ability to set user_id and customizable_id as string instead of integer in data import/export
  • Migration engine - handle manifest up to date, execute migrations in the order based on timestamp
  • Major performance improvement for GraphQL queries which do exact search on properties
  • Improve performance of models/users queries by ignoring custom_images/custom_attachments if not requested


  • Update Google OAuth API version
  • Gracefully handle scenario when invalid property is used in related_filter query
  • Fix overwriting form variable in partial which ends with form.liquid in some edge case scenarios
  • Fix parse_json tag to appear in documentation
  • Fix edge case scenario in the import mutation, which could impact performance of the instance in a negative way


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