Service workers route, multiple queries via GraphiQL editor, improvements, fixes

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November 25, 2019


  • special route for service workers

You can put a file named serviceworker.js (or sw.js) in the app/assets directory and access it via https://www.example.com/serviceworker.js (or https://example.com/sw.js). In case you need more files to be accessible this way, you can add numbers to the filename, for example serviceworker-1.js, serviceworker-2.js, etc.

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For more information, check out our Service Workers topic.


  • model_* mutations return Graph::Types::Model object instead of Customization
  • performance of user_* mutations invoked without a form, on Instances with many UserProfiles and ModelSchemas (in some scenarios it is now faster - the improvement depends on the number of UserProfiles/ModelSchemas)


  • handle operation name from GraphiQL editor when multiple queries are defined
  • edge case random 500 error when acceptance validation was used
  • including a partial, which included . in a name, but did not exist (for example {% include "i_do_not.exist" %}), was preventing next partials from being found as well

pos-cli changes

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