Improvements, fixes

May 25, 2020


  • Added request_allowed flag to Form to control whether a form will be available as an endpoint (which is deprecated). If false, the form will be usable only through GraphQL mutation. Default is true.


  • error message for not sending Email Notification
  • to_mobile_number filter will add + if the phone starts with country code
  • map filter implementation and its description
  • added case insensitive modifier and multiline option to regex_matches and matches filters
  • DEPRECATION rename headers to request_headers in API call notifications to avoid ambiguity and be consistent with response_headers in Pages
  • handling different formats than html for error pages triggered by Authorization Policy
  • error message when empty zip file is provided as an input to the new import script
  • error message when a hash was provided as a query name to the graphql tag
  • error message when empty hash was provided as an argument to the related_models argument in GraphQL query
  • error message when trying to fetch the model_schema_name for the models GraphQL query when both were soft deleted


  • overwriting email and password validation messages
  • Authorization Policies sometimes were invoked twice
  • Authorization Policies sometimes were returning the 200 status code instead of the one provided in http_status


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