Improved liquid array/hash output, slight page routing improvement

Last edit:

July 22, 2019


  • page slug can now consist of any components: Previously the page slug had to be maximum three levels deep. The improvement allows you to provide any slug you want, for example /one/two/three/four/five. However, please note that if you define page /one/two/three/four you won't be able to access /one/two/three/four/five - template slugs still work only for three-level deep slugs.
  • {{ form }} output improved: The form variable will not include magical keys anymore, the output now corresponds to the fields defined in form configuration.
  • {{ hash }} and {{ array }} will render proper JSON: You don't need to use the json filter. {{ users | json }} will become {{ users }}. The change is backward compatible, meaning the extra | json is just unnecessary but does not break anything.
  • added filter by searchable field to admin_pages graphql endpoint: With a new filter you can exclude some pages from being shown in search results.


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