form.metadata, index.html pointing to root

April 20, 2020


  • Form's metadata is now also accessible on the form object via form.metadata. You will be able to use Liquid as a value, for example:

resource: model
  hello: "{% assign var = "world" %}{{ var }}"
{% form %}
  {{ form.metadata.hello }}
{% endform %}

  • index..liquid will have a default slug pointing to root. For example, if you have a file in app/views/pages/my/page/index.html.liquid then the default slug will be my/page. The property max_level_deep will prevent any extra slug components by default, so in this scenario /my/page/abc will return a 404 error. To maintain backwards compatibility, if you manually set the slug property then max_level_deep will not be changed.


  • The misleading error message "Form configuration has not been found" which was rendered via pos-cli when you tried to delete a resource which did not exist has been fixed and will include the correct name of the resource which you try to delete.


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