Prevent pOS domains from being indexed by default, improvements, fixes

Last edit:

November 19, 2019


  • built-in pOS domains (both staging and production) are automatically prevented from being indexed by robots to avoid SEO duplicated content issue


  • error message for missing/invalid resource attribute in form
  • gracefully handle invalid arguments passed to dig filter
  • Partner Portal will automatically check if a domain was transferred and handle SSL cert behind the scenes
  • name, first_name, last_name properties of User are now case insensitive to make it easier to use users GraphQL query to search by them


  • fetching image URLs without direct_url
  • using jwt_token authentication correctly sets context.current_user everywhere
  • import/export issues caused by wrong uniqueness safety check for models for Sydney data center

pos-cli changes

pos-cli changelog is kept separately.


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