Priority setting and limitations of async_callback_actions

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October 18, 2018


Some users reported issues with running very long tasks in async_callback_actions because the task was too slow to execute.

Before, you had no control or information about limits, errors, timeouts.


You have full control over priority of your async_callback_actions.
If you don't set priority at all, it will be set to default.


You can also set maximum number of attempts if job fails for whatever reason - timeout, error in the code, 3rd party api not responding

Default is 1. Use it with caution, as every attempt uses resources.



  delay: 10
  priority: low
  max_attempts: 2
  content: >
    {% graphql res = 'long_running_task' %}



Priority Timeout
high 1 minute
default 5 minutes
low 4 hours

Keep them in mind when writing code so that it runs fast enough for its priority.


Additionally, when a job fails or timeouts it will be logged so you will know when something goes wrong.
You can access the log using pos-cli logs command.


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