API Call Notifications improvements, error handling improvements

June 15, 2020


  • API Call Notification error handling for various scenarios, for example, target endpoint error responses (Timeout, SSL error, etc.),
  • Deprecated the format property of API Call Notification, which was not used for anything other than validation
  • No need for {% if form %}...{% endif %} in Form's default_payload anymore - disabled Liquid processing during validating whether default_payload is a valid JSON if it includes any Liquid Tag. This also avoids unknowingly invoking a code during sync/deploy.
  • Error message when trying to use related_model and using property in join_on_property of type array
  • Error messages for admin_mutation_* mutation like physical file path already taken, Liquid syntax error, etc.


  • Error when null value is provided as request_headers for API Call Notification


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