Related models using array of ids, or filter for users, improvements and fixes

Last edit:

November 11, 2019



  • image_presign_url automatically includes versions defined in schema
  • upgraded application server to the newest version
  • allowed to prefix layouts/ for layout_path property
  • if there is only one rule in or clause in GraphQL filter then apply it (previously was ignored)
  • renamed GraphQL argument model_name to model_schema_name
  • renamed model(s) to related_model(s) to avoid confusion in model_create, model_update mutations
  • renamed user(s) to related_user(s) to avoid confusion in user_create, user_update mutations
  • deprecated a bunch of old queries/mutations/fields to not appear in GrahQL editor auto complete list
  • in our GraphQL editor, everything is now sorted alphabetically, so it's much easier to find what you are looking for
  • added validation to layout_path in EmailNotification to make sure the layout exists
  • added new system field content_updated_at to Page to help invalidate the cache in a more efficient way


  • accept "model_schemas" in physical_file_path for admin_model_schema mutation
  • remove unnecessary uniqueness validation for name, type pair for property
  • do not allow to override pOS private API endpoints
  • do not crash when adding assets directory within app/assets
  • accessing specific error codes for GraphQL validation errors via extensions.codes.
  • properly invalidate layout cache for EmailNotification on sync/deploy/GraphQL mutation
  • 500 error when confirmation validation is used in forms without defining corresponding virtual field

pos-cli changes

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